Evil Superstars

Evil Superstars were born in the musical wasteland of Heusden-Zolder, sometime in 1992.

Originally, the band was Mauro Pawlowski (vocals, guitar), Bart Vandeput (drums), Marc Requilé (samples, keyboard), and Bart Vandebroek (bass). They quickly gained the reputation of an incredibly good live band, and played some support acts of Mucky Pup. In 1994 they entered Humo's Rock Rally and won. Dave Schroyen replaced Johan Vandebergh on drums, and a first E.P. called Hairfacts, was recorded.

After playing a lot of gigs a fifth member, the 15-year old guitarist Tim Vanhamel of Sister Poo-Poo, joined the band. Together they recorded their debut album Love is Okay, a wild and blistering collection of zappa-esque rock 'n roll wankery. They toured across Europe to support other Belgian revelation dEUS.

Not long after Love Is Okay, the E.P. Remix Apocolyps followed, including the single Sad Sad Planet. It became a cult-radio hit, and the band's most famous tune. A year later, the follow-up album was recorded: Boogie-Children-R-Us. The release was postponed to 1998, accompanied by the single B.A.B.Y.. The album was a collection of short and bold poppy rock & roll tracks. Journalists loved the album, but it couldn't get the Superstars out of their cult-only status. Sales were poor, and after their record company was taken over, Evil Superstars had to start looking for a new label.

But they never did. Instead, Mauro decided Evil Superstars would be no more. They finished their tour in the summer of 1998, and played their last gig (with Steven de Bruyn from El Fish) on september 15th, at the Botanique in Brussels.



Love Is OkayBoogie-Children-R-UsGalaxian Regression


Pantomiming With Her ParentsSatan Is In My AssB.A.B.Y.Sad Sad PlanetHave Been Wrong Before


HairfactsRemix Apocalyps E.P.


Evil Superstars Promo CassetteLove Is Okay

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Big in BelgiumHumo Belgentop 20Humo - Alle 98 Goed Any Way The Wind BlowsBel 90Bel 97Bel 90100 op 1 Studio Brussel - Eigen Kweek

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