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According to the "official" Mitsoobishy Jacson bio the band was formed in the summer of 1995 as a result of Peter Houben and Mauro taking some liquid refreshments together: "In the summer of 1995, Peter Houben (Nemo) was having a drink with Mauro Pawlowski (Evil Superstars, Kiss My Jazz). At a certain moment there was a flaw in their conversation. An awkward silence occured during which Peter said: "why not start a band together?" "Why not indeed!" replied Mauro. A cd was being recorded and blablabla named Nougat in Koblenz. Blablabla once again having a drink. Blablabla why not make another Mitsoobishy Jacson album?" Blablabla Pascal Deweze (Metal Molly, Sukilove, Nemo). Blablabla Jan Derijck took care of the mix. Blablabla drum-person Herman Houbrechts (Nemo, Dead Man Ray, Golf) and keyboard-phenomenon Guy van Nueten (The Sands, Daan). Blablabla more tracks to complete the new album. Blablabla Allan Muller (Metal Molly) engineered. The result is named Boys Together Outrageously, an unbelievably fantastic, strong, diverse, intensely musical and soulfull album that redefines popmusic in a playfull and unpretentious manner."

The debut album Nougat In Koblenz was recorded during January and February 1996, and according to the sleeve insert their dietary requirements during the process were rather worrying: "No one knows what Mauro eats for breakfast but during the day he was seen, on a number of occasions, chewing slices of brown bread with ridiculous amounts of mustard on them & Peter was always drinking coffee with no milk & eating fruit while smoking. Evening = ordering Italian foods to be brought into the studio to become cold to be eaten behind the mixing desk; the smell & the mess we (3 people!) produced was impressive."

Later on that year, the Sun of Aerobics EP was released. There was a break between the recording of a follow-up album, because Peter and Mauro were concentrating on their other projects. However, in 1999, with the additions of Pascal, Guy and once again Herman, Boys Together Outrageously appeared on the scene. This received more attention than the debut album and even accompanied a small tour around Belgium. In 2009 they released their third full album The Confusion of A.J. Schicksal.

The Mitsoobishy Jacson band members still help eachother out with background vocals and guest appearances on albums of their separate diverse projects. But the band itself has been put on hold for an undetermined period of time.



Nougat In KoblenzBoys Together OutrageouslyThe Confusion of A.J. Schicksal


Sun Of Aerobics


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