Radical Slave contributed a song to this short film by Aza Declercq.

Als Mens Vermomd

Mauro wrote this composition to be performed by Electric Guitar Quartet, Zwerm.


Mauro performs on the soundtrack of the film Pulsar (2010), scored by Guy van Neuten.

Lock, Stock and Two Barrels

This 1998 film features Evil Superstar's Oh Girl.

Dirty Mind

Baby by Evil Superstars appears on the soundtrack of this 2009 film.

Safety First

Mauro composed the theme tune "Dedication" for this comedy programme.

Beau Sejour

Mauro,Ciska Vanhoyland and Pascal Deweze composed the theme tune "Verdoeme Allein" for this thriller.

Dialing the Devil

Mauro wrote the soundtrack for this short film by Toon Aerts of the Lucas Film School in Brussels.

De Alias Original Soundtrack

In 2002 Mauro wrote a song called In The Dark Rooms Of Love for Jan Verheyen's film De Alias.

Galloping Mind Soundtrack

Marc Ribot and Mauro composed the music for this film by Wim Vandekeybus released in 2015.

Rosie Original Soundtrack

In 1998 Mauro worked with John Parish to produce the soundtrack for the film Rosie directed by Patrice Toye. Mauro wrote the lyrics to Pretty Baby, which was subsequently played during four live performances of the soundtrack in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges and Portsmouth in January 1999.


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