Mauro has created two separate podcasts that you can find in the iTunes library. Mekonium documents his finds on records shopping trips, and the Neither Songbook represents a round up of his own material.


Knight Of The Cheap Jewel Megamix - February 21, 2006
Lady Laury, Sonorama, Constant Charneux, The World Of Steam, Halina Frackowiak, Folk Music From Sweden, Electronic Jungle Soundeffects, Ti Ta Tovenaar, Japanese Monks, François Glorieux, New Trolls, Bleu Charrette, Toto Blanke, The Dead C, The Strangulated Beatoffs, Choré-Rythmes, Rien Poortvliet, De Zingende Potsvrouwe, Lieder Der Partei, Folk Music Of The USSR, Chion, Eela Craig, Jean Barraqué and Ensemble Jong Nong Ak Ohô.

It Ain't Funky Until The Sci-Fi Arab Speaks - July 05, 2006
Unknown/SBB/Heart Murmurs/Ukrainian Music For Trio/Rectal Pizza/Bedevaart Naar Lourdes/Learn To Play Drums/Kraan/Galaxy Lin/Klassik In Qual/La Stereophonie/Omega/Wir/Houari Benchenat/Jef Elbers/Cheb Mohamed S'Ghir/Folkova Sezona/Tasaday/First Moog Quartet/The Rattles/Rank Sinatra/Henri Pousseur/Camillo/Nazrul/Elly & Rikkert

The Neither Songbook

Irrational Research Centre Report - July 05, 2006
Rocket to a minute ago - June 13, 2006

The Wack Attack Barrack

Kelvin Smits, known of the band Cinérex, hosted a webcast called The Wack Attack Barrack. You can find the podcasts in the itunes store. Their concept was to broadcast music 'made in Antwerp' via a feature called the Wack Attack Barrack Bootleg Bar. In the first episode, Mauro had been chosen to air about 13 of his unreleased tracks. There were some Otot songs and a couple of covers as well. The feed aired on the 10th of September 2005.

Goedendag en even geduld
Believe (Cher cover)
Tell me you're dead
Dialing the devil
My mistake
The candyfist - discussed not played
One day you will belong to Belgium
De boete van Pipo (Marilyn Manson cover of the Beautiful People)
The dream of the year
Phonecall from a ruin
Thinking hard
Antwerpen vandaag en morgen

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