The Parallels

The Parallels are Mauro and Miguel Sosa. On the same_sound_disorder_improvised theme as Monguito, a premiere gig was held on 01-11-2003 as part of a birthday bash for 23 years of Radio Centraal. After a couple of gigs Antwerp breakcore wonderboy Sickboy joined the band.

Since apparently there already was a band in the UK called The Parallels, the (Belgian) Parallels were forced to change their name. So from now on they're called The Archetypes of the Multisabanas! Or just shortly, The Archetypes.

In July 2008 Arabia in Blue, the second release of the infamous duo Miguel Sosa and Mauro Pawlowski, came out. It is limited to 150 copies and out on a new label called Gay Classics. The Parallels official presentation of this second album took place at Cafe Homey in Antwerp on 08-08-2008.



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