Gitbox! - Soulsharks

Project: Mauro Pawlowski
Released: 1998

Format(s): CD (Album)

Mauro does vocals on track 7.


1A Nice Walk Home
2You Kill Me
4Palm Light Serenade
5Listen To This
7Collection Scars
9Peas And Carrots
11My Boys Can Swim
12Keep Your Head On Straight
13Not Waving
14Guyrex Girl
15A Message From Gene
16Every Crooner

File under : Rock (Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Rock)

Drums Peter Palermo
Guitar, Organ, Piano Maarten Verdwaald
Mixed By Jo Francken
Recorded By Gitbox!
Recorded By Pieter Stellingwerff
Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Melodica Roeland van Niele

Recorded at various locations during '97 and '98 by Gitbox! & Pieter Stellingwerff. Mixed at Vita Nova, Antwerp. Made in Austra. [sic] Released as Digipak

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