Bum Collar - Versatile Styles

Project: Club Moral
Released: 2006-10-24

Format(s): CDr (Album)


1Rumppappa Bum8:14
2James Bum Theme (Carl Cryplant MakeOver)6:52
3Battle For The Booty (Versatile Style Remix)6:37
4I Feel Bad8:41
5Mambo Mash (Mauro Pawlowski's Voodoo Drum Mix)3:22
6That Girl Ain't Nuthing (Versatile Style Remix)3:45
7The Bum Genie (Carl Cryplant MakeOver)6:51

File under : Electronic, Rock (Industrial, Power Electronics, Avantgarde, Indie Rock)

The CD has 5 remixes from the "Sweatshop Session", recorded on 31 may 2006, as well as 2 original recordings from the same session. Track 8 is not mentioned in the tracklisting.

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