Club Moral - Felix Culpa

Project: Club Moral
Released: 2008-11-02

Format(s): CDr (Album)


1Club MoralL'Enfer Est Intime6:55
2Club MoralLies7:03
3Club MoralTool For Extracting Ball Joints8:21
4Club MoralI'm A Monster8:55
5Club MoralOn Suicide (Live)2:40
6Club MoralCold Metal Pliers (Live)3:45
7Club MoralTherapist Fears (Live)8:26
8Club MoralNo Fun (Live)5:06
9Club MoralI'm A Monster (Live)11:16
10Club MoralOverhandig Dat Geweer (Film Soundtrack)6:17
11The Parts4 Safe Walls5:09
12The PartsI'm A Monster5:44

File under : Electronic (Noise, Power Electronics)

Electronics AMVK
Electronics DDV
Guitar Mauro Pawlowski
Voice DDV

All live tracks were recorded at the Holland Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 17th June 2008. Track 3:Lyrics from a Landrover manual. Track 8: Lyrics written by an anonymous psychiatric patient around 1985. Track 10: Soundtrack for an AMVK computermovie

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