Somnabula - Swamps Of Simulation

Project: Somnabula
Released: 2003

Format(s): CD (Album)


2Theme From Swamps Of Simulation2:50
3I Am Somnabula (Dance With Me Baby)8:58
4Future Intermission (A. Daughter Of Machine Messiah / B. Energy Of 1993)3:33
5The Lady Is A Punisher3:03
6Enter The Sleeping Fury Of Numbers2:12
7Sex Is Dead2:21
8Neona vs. The Speech: Pidgin Wars5:22
9Epilogue (Children, Learn From The Future)3:11
10Bonus Epilogue (Born Asleep)2:57

File under : Electronic, Rock (Industrial, Indie Rock, Ambient)

Producer Mauro Pawlowski

Recorded on homecomputer and tapemachine, Antwerpen 2002-2003. Except "Neona vs. The Speech: Pidgin Wars", recorded on 4-track at The Magic Shop, NYC 2000.

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