Mauro Pawlowski, Lärmschutz - Faux Amis Vol. 11

Project: Mauro Pawlowski
Released: 2019-11-24

Format(s): Cassette (Album)


1Mauro Pawlowski - Buchla Drunkx
2Mauro Pawlowski - Essen
3Mauro Pawlowski - If we stay inside
4Mauro Pawlowski - Instru3
5Mauro Pawlowski - Lead song
6Mauro Pawlowski - MRomeyn Trash Rock
7Mauro Pawlowski - Nee, Ik Geraak Er Niet
8Mauro Pawlowski - Rutger Tape
9Mauro Pawlowski - The World Needs Friends
10Lärmschutz - Take It Low
11Lärmschutz - Een Heer Die Sprak Een Meisje Aan
12Lärmschutz - Go Ahead
13Lärmschutz - Tijdverschil
14Lärmschutz - Hummmp
15Lärmschutz - Bianca Jagger
16Lärmschutz - Almost A Handfull
17Lärmschutz - Finding the pieces
18Lärmschutz - Something Lane
19Lärmschutz - Que
20Lärmschutz - Artificial
21Lärmschutz - Listen To The Man
22Lärmschutz - Als Ik Boos Ben
23Lärmschutz - What The Mouse Said

File under : Rock (Alternative Rock)

Bass Guitar, Drums Niels Achtereekte
Electric Guitar Stef Brans
Instrumentation By Mauro Pawlowski
Trombone, Electronics Rutger van Driel

For the november installment, Mauro Pawlowski shows his versatility with songs from all kinds of inspirational places. It's all over the place, in a good way, that really makes you want to run around the map with him. Mauro on this tape is the kind of guy you just endlessly want to discuss the niches of you record collection with. If this tape is in that collection though, you already have all sorts of genres covered.

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