Kloot Per W, Mauro Pawlowski - Insider / Outsider

Project: Mauro Pawlowski
Released: 2019-03-29

Format(s): CD (Album)


1KPW On 45
2We Wont Lose Touch
3Heavy Fabric
4Eleonore Rigby
5Smokey Derision
6Waitin' For The Can Man
7Oe Oe Oe
8Human Grain
9Sleepless Under Water
11Spanish Grain (Upstairs Please.)
12Land Of The Most Forgotten
14Secrets That I Know
15Pale In The Face
16Stand Up Chameleon
17Bigotry And Bigamy
18Naked Girl
19Say What You Do
20.1The Dream Pop Spa
20.2Mutant Motown

File under : Rock

Bass [some bass] Pieter Vreede
Drums [some drums] Jo Moens
Mastered By Uwe Teichert
Music By, Lyrics By Peter Clasen
Music By, Lyrics By, Instruments, Vocals, Recorded By, Artwork By Kloot Per W
Music By, Lyrics By, Instruments, Vocals, Recorded By, Producer Mauro Pawlowski
Vocals [45 vocals] Daan
Vocals [45 vocals] Luc Crabbe
Vocals [45 vocals] Mona Per W
Vocals [45 vocals] Nathalie Delcroix
Vocals [45 vocals] Peter Evrard
Vocals [45 vocals] William Souffreau
Vocals [French vocals] Sandra Arslanian

This album was recorded in Antwerpen, Tervuren, Ternat, Orihuella and random other locations.

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